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What does web development really entail?

This is your businesses’ first impression on your clientele. It includes – information gathering, planning, design, development, testing & delivery and maintenance.

Which CMS should I use for my website?

Usually we follow the following golden rule for the choice of a CMS:

  1. Blogs, brand websites, catalogue websites– WordPress
  2. Content Heavy websites with lesser focus on ecommerce, forums – Drupal
  3. Ecommerce focused websites – Opencart, Magento

We create websites / webstores on WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, core PHP, etc.

Why is the choice of CMS

Most widely faced technology issues by businesses:

  1. Delivery Issues

Your developer started the web development process, however in the hurry of meeting deadlines, ended up with a lot of bugs & broken functionalities. Eventually, the kickoff date got delayed.

DigiChefs ensures proper timely delivery of tasks. We won’t make false promises regarding the implementation time or the quality of the website. We understand you’re in a hurry & you’re excited about the new store set up or the revamp. Well, we’re excited for you J

  1. Redundant Implementations

It so happens that your developer would ask you to have one thousand features on your website to make your store look fancy & different. The result is – elongated timelines & redundant features that your customer will hardly use in the initial months.

Well, we believe in a 2 stage set up. The first stage is the basic set up, just to get your website up and running for your customers. We will suggest you only the features that you really need at that early stage. We can test waters and hence determine, what do we need to improve & what do we don’t need at all. Then, we work on the final launch phase.

Note: Some businesses do opt for advanced features in the first stage itself, the final call is yours.

One wise suggestion – Your online website is the same as an offline store for your business. It is perhaps going to be the most important element of your business. You need to keep it clean, updated, offer good customer service, protect from rains & dust (spelled as online security) & much more. Don’t compromise.

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