Social Media Marketing Services

What is SMM?

SMM is the art of leveraging existing social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dubsmash, Snapchat, etc. to spread your word out, push traffic to your website & complete certain goals. This activity also involves exploiting the paid marketing platforms in specifically Facebook & Twitter.

Why should I go social?

The primary objectives exist as one of the following –

  1. Branding – Building chatter around your brand name
  2. Engagement – Two-way communication between the audience & your brand
  3. Revenue/Lead Generation – Smartly using the social communities to bring direct sales of your products/services

We suggest that you spend on the advertising platforms supported by each of these social channels & reach a very targeted unexplored audience, then being satisfied with the organic reach.

What do you need to achieve success?

Well, it’s not just about writing content, preparing a creative & posting it on your social channel. Lame. You need to first clarify the objective & create a content strategy around the same.

Identifying the kind of audience present in each of these social media platforms – like Linkedin’s audience (more professional & intellectual) is completely different from Facebook’s (browsing in their leisure time), which is completely different from Twitter’s (quickly listen and opine) & thereby preparing social strategies is extremely crucial.

While running paid campaigns, optimization of ad sets to achieve maximum efficiency in the consumption of budget is extremely important.

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