Online Reputation Management Services

What is ORM?

Online Reputation Management is the practice of consciously placing & modifying your brand’s perception in your target audience on search engines,

It basically involves two major parts – Online Brand Monitoring (the act of listening what people say every day about your brand on the web) & Reputation Management (the act of manipulating the perception people make about your brand on the web).

Why is ORM important?

  • Research on social sites, search engines has become a very important stage in the buying cycle of every user
  • 85% online buyers research online before making their purchase decision
  • 80% users say that a negative review made they change their buying decision
  • 63% consumers need to hear positive about a product at least 3 times before they believe it


So, what do you need to do ORM for your brand?

A good listening tool – which monitors your brand name in real time & pops up a notification as soon as something is said about your brand.

A LOT of reputation management gimmicks which help you push down the negative sentiments & present the right brand image in front of your target audience. Well, why worry, that’s what we’re here for. CALL US NOW!

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